Food sensory analysis department and Non-food bazaar


In this department controls are made on raw materials, intermediary products and final product. Control of conformity and uniformity of manufacture. Analytical comparison (objectively) of the organoleptic characteristics of several products. Identification of defects and establishment of the limits of use or conservation of a product.


  • Tasting expert tasters / expert experts (control of organoleptic quality, control the conformity and uniformity of the manufacturing, identification of defects, etc)
  • Consumer test in the room (food prod.) / Home use tests (non-food products)
  • Triangular test: differentiation test in which three samples are presented simultaneously, two of which are equal, so that the person consulted indicates which sample is unpaired.
  • Packaging design test (package look test): It is about evaluating the appearance of the packaging (visual appeal, solidity, opening systems, form, materials, consumer information, etc …)
  • Test of purchasing behavior, consumption and use: To better understand the behavior of purchase, consumption and use of consumers to improve, develop or innovate


Acceptability and preference test, preference map, discriminative studies, descriptive studies (QDA), positioning and marketing studies, consumer trends, tastes, new products, formats, packaging, etc.


Tasting room, with individual cabins, equipped with temperature control and ventilation for odor elimination, designed according to UNE 87004: 1979.