Department of physico-chemical, food science and nutritional analysis



The usefulness of the physico-chemical analysis is fundamentally related to two aspects:

  • Legal aspect, which implies the fulfillment of specifications that categorize the food according to its technical-health regulations and the corresponding Community Directives and Regulations, likewise the companies that want to export must adapt to the specifications of the countries that receive the products.
  • Aspects associated with internal Quality Control, in this sense our work can offer advice on quality adapted to each company, either internally or with outsourcing thereof.
    The bromatological analysis affects the centesimal composition of food, feed, water, medicine, mud, soil … to be able to know all the characteristics of it.

The nutritional analysis of foods is important to offer their data to the consumer and thus to know better the qualities of the products, the nutritional analyzes are completed with a calculation of the calories that each food has.


Complete equipment for analysis of food, feed, water, medicines, sludge, soil, etc. .. highlighting: drying ovens, magnetic stirrers, fat distillers, protein by Kjeldahl, digesters, heating plates, gravimetric analysis equipment, volumetric, food fiber analyzers, gross, total, insoluble, acid-detergent, neutral detergent, rapid moisture meters, scales, granatarios, deionized water distillers (ELIX type), automatic digital polarimeter, muffle furnaces, heating blankets, rotary disintegrators, Calcimeter de Bernard, filtration equipment, sample pre-treatment equipment, LIM’S for the treatment of analytical results throughout the laboratory, dry grinding mills, granulometry meter for various powders, Ovoscope, Haugh Units Meter, Ph-meter, conductimeter, oximeter, turbidimeter, gas extraction booths, automatic mixer


  • Human food: Drinkable and bottled water, food in general, highlighting prepared dishes, natural sweeteners, stimulating foods, spices and spices, fish and seafood, raw materials: cereals, vegetables, legumes, seeds, fruit and vegetable products, vegetables, fruits, meats and meat products, dairy products, milk, butter, flour, semolina and derivatives, diet and diet products, oils and fats, wines and alcoholic beverages, precooked products, eggs, egg products, sauces, nuts.
  • Animal feed: Raw materials for animal feed, cereals and flours, corn, wheat, barley, simple and compound feeds, premixes and additives, soils, leaves and seeds, hay, fodder, dehydrated vegetables, and by-products for animal feed.
  • Other analyzes: Soils, fungi, seeds, fertilizer recommendation, organic fertilizers, inorganic fertilizers, foliar analyzes, pesticides and pesticides (Technical products and residues), animal health products, Characterization of oils and fats, Food and feed additives, antibiotic substances and antimicrobial substances.


A series of majority and minor components in food, feed, water, medicines, fertilizers, soils, etc. is analyzed under international standards such as, ISO Standards, AFNOR, UNE, Standard Methods, official MAP method, National and European Pharmacopoeia, FDA, USDA, BS, AOCS, AOAC, ICC, IDF, IDF, OIV, ICC, EPA, AACC.

The methods of analysis are: sample preparation and feed raw materials, crude ash in feed and raw materials , crude fiber in feed, crude fat ( without hydrolysis) in feed, crude fat (upon hydrolysis) in feed moisture in feed and raw materials, protein feed, sample preparation and expanded flaked cereals , sugar in cereal flakes or expanded , ash or expanded cereal flakes , insoluble dietary fiber in cereal flakes or expanded fat cereals flaked or expanded moisture flaked or expanded cereals , flaked cereals protein or expanded sample preparing biscuits , cookies sugars , ash in cookies, crackers insoluble dietary fiber , fat cookies, crackers moisture , protein cookies, sample preparation of pasta , sugar in pasta, pasta ash , insoluble dietary fiber in cereal flakes or expanded, fat pasta, pasta moisture, protein pasta, bread and pastries ash, ash in cereals and flour, bread and bakery fat, moisture in bread and pastries, cereals and flour moisture, protein in cereal flours, bread and pastries, meats sample preparation, ash meats, meat fat, moisture in meat, meat protein, sample preparation of milk powder, milk powder moisture, sample preparation of milk, dry milk extract protein in milk sample preparation cheese, cheese ash, dry matter in cheese, fat in cheese, protein in cheese, ph, conductivity, total hardness in water, water chemical oxygen demand, alkalinity and Total hidróxida waters ammoniacal water, oil and grease water, suspended matter waters, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5) water , testing reagents , water -soluble salts , chlorides in water , water sulfates , nitrates in water , nitrites in water , ammonia water , organic matter, water oxidability permanganate , chlorine in water , salt in foods (method mohr ) , ammonia nitrogen in food, reducing substances in fish, digestible protein in feed, koh soluble protein in feed, feed acidity , specific weight in grains, fat acidity in cereals and flour, gluten flour, bread and acidity pastries, acidity in pasta, pasta defects , sample preparation of oils and fats , oils and moisture in fats, oils and fat acidity , peroxide value in edible oils and fats, meats index peroxides , chlorides meats , ph meats , sugars in meats, hydroxyproline in meat, meat starch in quantitative , qualitative starch in meat , phosphates in meat, alveogram , Devarda nitrogen fertilizers , water soluble fertilizers potaso in , Total phosphorus fertilizers , texture, organic matter , cation exchange , carbonates soil organic carbon oxidizable soils , soluble phosphorus in soils sodium bicarbonate , calcium exchange in soil , active limestone soil , cation exchange capacity in soil , soil bulk density , true density in soil magnesium exchange in soils , ash insoluble in hydrochloric acid , total acidity in wines, volatile acidity in wines, density and relative density in wine , sulfur dioxide in wines, alcoholic strength in wine title , phosphorus soluble in water and neutral ammonium citrate in fertilizers , determination of phosphorus in milk , determination of phosphorus from the ash , determination of nitrite in meat by the method of Follett and Ratcliff .