Group Analiza Calidad

Group Analiza Calidad is a group of companies of service´s sector, whose aim is to give integral support not only public but also private, from the diverse areas of performance that it develops.

The above mentioned support includes the improvement of the competitiveness and the promotion of the modernization and diversification of the companies, as well as to establish the necessary guidelines to satisfy the quality criteria that , every time and in major measurement,  are being imposed across the demands of the clients and of the public administrations. We develop our services of analysis and advising – consultancy in Feed Industry, Food, Environmental and Industrial areas.

At the beginning of the year 2001 ANALIZA Control de Calidad, S.L. was founded, with the presence of professionals with an extensive experience and with the advantage of possessing a new project focused fundamentally on the satisfaction of our clients. Because of this, our Group symbol was created which is our Brand: ANALIZA CALIDAD.

Nowadays the Group tries to reach all its clients of the different communities in the national territory and in order to do that, it counts with several delegations so the proximity could be a competitive factor in quality and service.


It is developed an analytical labour for the control of the products and to check the legislation´s fulfillment of the products, the companies and the organizations. This work develops, principally in three sectors, which are explained briefly way:

  • Food Industry:  We made microbiological, physicist – chemical and sensory analysis of all finished products and their raw materials, besides other products that have their influence inside the food chain production. Presence of pollutants.
  • Agronomic sector: we made physicist-chemical analysis of pesticides, perchlorate, land, fertilizers, leaf analysis, in addition to other important matters inside the sector
  • Feed Industry: We made microbiological and physicist – chemical analysis of raw materials and feed for animal consumption, composts and fertilizers, in addition to other important matters inside the sector. Analysis of pollutants residues.
  • Environmental and industrial sector: Characterization of waste water, atmospheric emissions, solid, plastic and derivative residues, metals and alloys, chemical products, industrial solvents, fuels…
  • Pharmaceutical: drugs mixtures analysis, physicochemical characterization of medicines, plants and raw materials.


Analiza Calidad has been positioned as a strong model for training companies compromised with the quality and food security and environment, and it is consolidated also, in other areas related to the activities of normalization and certification developed for Analiza Calidad. Every year the Analiza Calidad training sector reinforces his wide offer with new programs that give solutions to the continuous changes that take place in the managerial area.

We also develop training courses for staff and farmer, for example: Health and Safety, Use of Pesticides, Pest Control, harvest protection methods, etc.

Advising – Consultancy

Audits are realized to evaluate the food safety systems implanted in the company and to provide knowledge of its situation. The main function of the consultancy is to show the way to obtain safety, innocuousness and efficient working practices in any company.

Among the different objectives we can find the following ones:

  • To identify and to document the degree of fulfillment of the applicable regulation to the company.
  • To determine the problems derived from the process of production and to define the intervention lines to carry out correcting actions.
  • To help the manager about improving in the management of food safety.
  • To improve the general level of raising awareness in food hygiene.
  • To determine potential risky areas to guarantee safety and hygiene.
  • To improve the management of risks system.
  • To evaluate the capacity of the well-established systems.