• AUDITAR CALIDAD CONSULTORES, regularly performs face-to-face courses of different topics for each company and imparts them in its facilities: food handler, allergen management, labeling training, food fraud, etc.We process your management through the Fundae for your bonus and benefit.
  • It also has an extensive catalog of ON-LINE TRAINING and MASTERS:

MASTERS: 300 teaching hours + 360 practical hours

  • Quality and Food Safety
  • Analysis of Food, Feed, Waters, Soils, Sludges and Pharmaceutical Products


  • Food handler
  • HACCP / HACCP course hazard analysis and critical control points
  • Food Traceability Course
  • Control of allergens and GMOs in the food industry
  • Food Microbiology Course
  • Course on Conservation Technologies and Sensory Analysis of food.
  • Food Defense in the Food Industry according to IFS
  • Course of quality control in the dairy industry
  • Quality Course in the elaboration of Meat products and Fisheries products
  • Quality control course in the manufacture of feed
  • Wastewater control course
  • Course on Management Systems ISO 9001
  • Course of Calibration and Estimation of uncertainties
  • Auxiliary Course of Dining and Leisure
  • Nutrition and Dietetics Course

    For more information and to consult the programs, visit the web of AUDITAR CALIDAD CONSULTORES